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BEST RIDDIM PRESETS Big Room Colonization Vol 1 UltraSound: Deep House and Melodic Tech Patches COMPLEX Open Spaces ā€“ Massive Vintage R&B Presets MRCO1

Sounds For Massive


Major arp – Download

Minor arp – Download

Automation Chord Stab – Download

Melbourne Bounce Bass – Download

Automation Chord Stab – Download

Auto Bass – Download

Kick Drum Bass – Download

Dirty Square Bass – Download

Percussive Tech House Bass – Download

Deep House Bass – Download

Chill Out sequenced arp – Download

Chill Out Arps – Download

Chill Out Bass – Download

Techno Arp Pad – Download

Techno Sequence – Download

Techno Chord – Download

Techno Moog Bass – Download

Electro/EDM Riser – Download

EDM Stab Bass – Download

EDM Electro Bass – Download

Karanda Square Lead – Download

Noir Hayze Arp – Download

Deep House Garage Chord – Download

Garage House Bass – Download

Oliver Helden Gecko Bass – Download

Dubstep Massive Patch Collection from Brooklyn Sound Collective

Looking for an amazing set of sounds that you can use for dubstep production that allow for a ton of flexibility and have a truly professional quality? Look no further.

Necrosound – 56 NI Massive Dubstep Presets

Are you ready for the hardest Massive dubstep presets yet?


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Test Member


Test Member


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