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Understanding Wavetables in NI Massive

In part one of this month’s featured series, learn about wavetables in NI Massive and how you can use them to create the sounds you want to make.

Wavetables. Which one to use when creating chords in Massive

In part four of this month’s series on creating chord sounds in Massive, Johnny covers some of the best wavetables to use for chords.

The secrets of Velocity, Keytracking and Trigger Random in Massive: Part 2

We welcome Johnny back to continue this months’ featured series about velocity, keytracking and trigger random modulators in Massive.


How to Make Bigger and Better Wobbles Part 1

In the first part of this new series, learn how to create bigger and better wobbles in Massive that will make your productions more unique.

Dig in Deep with Massive’s Internal Macros

Our good friend Johnny is back to show us everything you need to know about one of Massive’s more complicated features, the internal macros.

Make that Huge Snare You’ve Dreamed of in Massive

In this original tutorial, I will show you how to make a huge snare in Massive. It’s crisp, it’s clear and it sounds as good as a sample.

Make a Filthy Trap Lead in Under 5 Minutes Using Massive

In this tutorial, YouTube user TycoMusicChannel shows us how to quickly make a filthy trap lead in Massive in less than 5 minutes.


Create a Vintage Mono Lead In NI Massive

In this tutorial, YouTube user aaronCRUSH walks us through how to create a 90′s vintage mono lead in Massive in under 5 minutes.

Creating A Percussive Lead In NI Massive

We are really excited to welcome back the very talented Ryan Enzed as he walks you through how to create a percussive lead sound in Massive.

Creating a Deep House Pluck using NI Massive

This tutorial looks at creating an NI Massive Deep House Pluck. Created by Jonny Strinati, this is the fourth and final installment of our series that is focused on Deep House for NI Massive.

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