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How to Make an NI Massive Arpeggiator Using an LFO

There are several ways you can go about making your own arpeggiated sequences within Massive, but there is no true NI Massive arpeggiator. This creative approach will show you how to do it through the use of an LFO!

Designing a Huge NI Massive Reese Bass

We have featured many different Reese style bass tutorials here in the past, and this is one more huge NI Massive reese bass to add to your collection of go-to sounds. 

Making Your Own 8-Bit Nintendo Sounds in NI Massive

There are plenty of sound packs out there you can buy that feature 8-bit sounds, but as you will see in this helpful tutorial making your own 8-bit Nintendo sounds in NI Massive is incredibly easy!


How To Make The SKisM Choppy Synth Effect In NI Massive

We welcome back Ryan Enzed as he shows how to recreate the choppy synth effect that is used by SKisM in the song Red Heat, and how you changing your LFO waveform can alter a sound completely.

How to Make the Lead Synth From “It’s Gone” by Concept vs Tryon Using NI Massive

The well-designed, and quite popular, lead synth from the song It’s Gone is deconstructed here in this helpful Native Instruments Massive synth tutorial.

The Key To Making Your Synths Big, Full & Juicy

This NI Massive Video tutorial is not about how to make a certain sound, but how to make your sounds much bigger, deeper and fuller – in other words, much more professional and exciting.

Making a Futuristic Lead Synth with Native Instruments Massive

It’s tough to put an exact name on this lead synth sound, as it has some characteristics from a few styles, so we’ll just call it Awesome  and continue onto the tutorial!


Progressive House Pluck Synth Tutorial for Native Instruments Massive

This insightful NI Massive video tutorial focuses on the processing of this style of synth, as well as the designing of the sound. Perfect for anyone just getting started with House music production.

Making a Gritty Laser Downlifter with Native Instruments Massive

This quick NI Massive tutorial will show you how to use an LFO, a Performer and an Envelope to create a very cool downlifter FX that can handle being used in some pretty big transitions.

How to Create a Simple Reese Style Bass in NI Massive

We have featured other NI Massive tutorials here in the past that show how to design a Reese style synth bass, and this is one more that is worthy of making that list. Check it out and add another killer Reese to your arsenal!

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