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Creating a Fluttery Chord Synth in Native Instruments Massive

In genres like Dubstep and Electro House it is important to always be on the hunt for new and interesting textures, movements and sounds that stand out on their own. This tutorial shows you how to design a cool fluttering synth perfect for the job!

How to Make an 8-Bit Growl Synth Build-Up in NI Massive

This is a sweet sound and a good lesson in how to combine different sounds, delivered in different ways, in one NI Massive patch without too much complication.

Glitch Hop Wobble Synth Tutorial for NI Massive

I have always loved the glitch movement and how it has been able to creep into so many different popular genres of music over the years. This quick NI Massive tutorial will show you one way to make a cool Glitch Hop wobble synth in just a couple minutes!


How Ryan Enzed Made the Bass for the No More Conversations Remix in NI Massive

Ryan is back! So many popular NI Massive tutorials have been made by Ryan Enzed since we began and we are happy to be bringing you yet another winner. Check this one out and see how he made his most recent killer bass synth!

How to Make the Deadmau5 Veldt Synth in NI Massive

Using NI Massive it is a very quick and easy task to recreate the Deadmau5 synth from the popular song Veldt. This video tutorial shows you how to get it done in less than one minute!

Understanding Native Instruments Massive SC (Sidechain) Modulation

This is a really great video explaining how the sidechain function works within NI Massive to provide you with added control over your modulation options.

How To Make The Synth From Centipede By Knife Party with NI Massive

A very unique and catchy sound was recently used in the latest hit song from Knife Party called Centipede and this NI Massive video tutorial shows you how to recreate it!


Making a Cool Saw Wave Riser Transition FX with NI Massive

Marc Adamo is here to share how you can use Native Instruments Massive to design your own killer transition FX, and breaks down the mechanics involved in each step of the process.

Making a Delta Heavy “Hold Me” Bass in NI Massive

This quick NI Massive video tutorial shows you how to replicate the popular bass synth heard int he song Hold Me by Delta Heavy.

Do Androids Dream of Electronic Music? Or, How to Make the Infamous Blade Runner Synth.

It’s pretty common for a cult classic film’s soundtrack to be held up in high regards by it’s fans for eternity, and Vangelis has the unique ability to create music that is more memorable than the movies they are featured in (Chariots of Fire, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Alexander, etc). Either way you slice it, the Blade Runner synth is a classic, and this is how you make it.

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