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Tech House & Deep House Production: Part 3 – Sidechaining and Synth Production

Posted on 24th September, by SteveF in Members, Tutorials for Massive. 2 Comments
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In this tutorial we continue with part 3 of our series of production tips for deep house and techno production. This week we look at sidechain compression and creating a great sounding synth. In prior tutorials we looked at creating drums and applying some groove and shuffle (which you can watch here), and creating a powerful bass track that added depth to our track (which you can watch here). Check out the video and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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  • Randy Colby

    Great tutorial, man! I’ve never thought of ducking the delay like that before. I usually just dial down the feedback so there’s not much bleedthrough, but this is brilliant.

    • Jonny Strinati

      Nice one Randy, glad you’re getting something from the tutorials, thats whats it’s all about!

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