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70 Free NI Massive Presets

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On the 25th July 2012, turns two years old.

To say thank you for your continued support I’d like to give you this bank of 70 NI Massive presets Feel free to leave some birthday wishes in the comments!

Take a listen to the Massive presets in action!

To download these presets simply click here

Check out all out NI Massive presets by visiting

  • Blume Choon

    Happy Birthday!!!! Thank you so much for all the help and guidance. Always look forward to receive your emails.. Only newsletter I subscribe too.. Thanks again for the freebies and the NI Massive knowledge!!! Keep up the good work and to another successful year to come!! Will def be looking out for the FM8 and Absynth tuts too! Big ups and Cheers!!!

    • Barry martin

      Downloaded the free sounds but my massive wont read. All the rest of my sounds in my browser are .ksd. i am a newbie so please do help.

      • OhmLab

        You need to update NI Massive via the Service Center application.

  • b_adl_y

    Hey man thanks for the sounds and code you rock!!!

  • Rob West

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for the continuing guidance on one of my favorite synths. Here’s to another two years!

  • jasonswe

    Congratulations and thanks for the Fucking fantastic versatile patches with excellent Macro control. (e.g. Complex Bass, Thick As, etc etc ) Excellent work here. It’s not Electro-house though…It’s D n’ B :)

  • Otto von Ruggins

    Happy Birthday to Us! Today is my birthday, as well – I was born on a leap year, so three of every four years it’s really the 25th or Christmas In July – but this being a Leap Year – Today is the Day! Continued Success & Thanks for your Massive efforts & generosity with sounds…I am, Otto von Ruggins, Master of the Unheard Øf

  • Docile Doberman

    Steve, this site is the bomb – fantastic information, great tuts, access to quality products – – everything in one place for everything Massive – a huge part of what I do. Can’t say enough about the freebies – I use alot of them and would pay for a lot of them too ! Happy 2 yrs man ! Keep up the stellar work..

  • dylan tk

    happy birthday you guys rock, and thanks for all the help and cool patches!!

  • Anthony

    These don’t work like AT ALL. They won’t load or convert

    • SteveF

      You need the latest version of Massive to run them

  • Glitchrate

    Ye- maximum respect & thanks for all you do for the community! Keep it up man!

  • Anarchiel


  • Jeff Thompson

    Happy birthday and thanks for the great tips and tricks!!

  • Chris

    Happy birthday. Love the site. Keep up the awesome and thanks for the goodies!

  • daniel

    happy bDay! and thanks for the soundbank – love it! cheers

  • RmaN

    Thank Hou Very Very Much

    You Don’t Know How Much I Needed It A Couple Of Days Ago

  • S&J

    Hi mate,
    all the best for you.
    Thanks for all the awesome stuff and courses which helped us much in leaning how to use massive.


  • Björn

    all the best for Birthday and thanks a lot for all your work!!!

  • Neakarotchy

    Thank you very much!! Great that MassiveSynth is on the web for 2 years already, keep up the great work. I learned so much from the Essential Course!

  • Cassady Miller

    Happy birthday! Thank you for all your help!

  • Rhytox


    I’m kinda new to this, where do i put the files, so i can use them? Or how do i configure them in Massive?
    Congratulations on the 2 years!!


    • OhmLab

      You can add them to your preset library through Massive through the Options menu or if you just want to open them from where they are currently on your HD, then you can use the Open menu option. Once you have a preset open, you can configure and tweak the sounds as much as you like.

      Make sense? Thanks for checking us out!



  • Lane Young

    I have the latest version of Massive but the patches still do not run. The files alone look odd right after downloading.

    • OhmLab

      Double check that you do have the latest version installed. The files should load just fine.

      • Alex

        My massive only loads .ksd files?!

        • Jonny Strinati

          you need to update Massive, the file format changed from .ksd to .nmsv around v1.3 or something …

  • Berkay

    THANKS! This is totaly awesome! Love you guys! If i you will make a preset which contains complextro/hard electro basses like porter robinson’s ones. I will DIRECTLY buy it! I want a lot.

  • Accessoires iphone

    thank you so much for the patches !

  • Just A DJ

    Thanks these sounds are cool. I’ve been looking at a few sites like Freshly Squeezed and Sounds To Samples, but most sound super stock. Anybody know of good place for unique sounds, that sound like you’d actually hear them on the radio? Ijust found they are the best presets I’ve found so far for Massive and Sylenth. Would love to hear about others though! :)

  • Dj-Aviram Moreno

    ty man its so good but how can download

  • Ashwin Ramakrishnan

    Good tutorial.

  • David EMz

    Thanks so much!

  • rich

    These sounds are terrible

  • DJ Eddie-Lo

    Sweet, thanks for the presets, good looking out!

    • adsrsounds

      Thanks Eddie

  • dom

    excellent presets

  • Gioele Burghet Ossola


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