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Dubstep & Drum’n’Bass Bank – 115 sounds

Posted on 10th September, by Steve Foulds in NI Massive Sounds. 1 Comment
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BHK Samples and Industrial Strength present 115 amazing sounding NI Massive sounds for producers of Dubstep and Drum’n'Bass.

These patches give you the power to create sounds in NI’s Massive Vst. All the sounds are set up so you can add your own mod rate and set up the sounds with just a few tweaks, excellent for out the box production.

The patches are all set for the pro producer who needs flexibility with their sounds on the fly and perfect for a beginner who needs the most tweakable sounds to make any Dubstep or DnB track sound just like the pro’s

BHK’s Massive contains NO filler patches – just upfront Dubstep and DnB sounds with that real underground flavour.

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This pack contains 65 various heavy wobble sounds, 40 various DnB reese bass patches and 10 really nasty talking bass sounds.

We also included 24 Bit audio versions in Wav and Aiff. If you don’t own massive or if your cpu is loaded to the max, you can tweak the audio one shots in any sampler or Daw if you wish.

These patches will definitely enrich your sound library and bring your tunes to a new level!

BHK NI Massive – Dubstep And Drum’n'Bass Presets by loopmasters

Interested in downloading these sound?
Click here for more info

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  • dance music

    Thanks for sharing Massive is a complex beast of a synth and it is great to have some presets to start you off, you can always adjust them yourself and create unique sounds.

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