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Massive Dealer – 98 dubstep and electro sounds for NI Massive (Powerfull Bass, Growls, Special Fx, Magic Ambients and Incisive Leads)

The Massive Dealer Bank Patch for NI Massive is a really full equipped collection of the most researched and complicated sounds of the contemporary scene.

This pack is the answer for the dubstep and electro producers who are searching for the most Powerful Bass, Growls, Special Fx, Ambients Leads that you could imagine!

Most of the sounds are carefully layered and programmed for use straight out the box. Each patch is pre programmed with macros to help you express every sound – whether Dynamic, Drive, Stereo, Movement or Expression – every sound has the possibility to be automated rapidly to give you originality to your track.

The sounds are mainly inspired by Noisia, Feed Me, Skrillex, Prodigy and Rusko styles.

What’s in the sound pack?

The Massive Dealer Bank Pack offers 5 folders with incredible aggressive Bass,Leads,Fx ,Bonus Fx and some extra Bonus Samples.

It Includes 98 sounds:

  • 31 Bass
  • 20 Lead/Pad
  • 20 Fx
  • 16 Bonus Patch (from Prodigy, Noisia, Feed Me, Skrillex, Rusko…)
  • 11 Bonus Wav Samples

As of right now you can get your hands on this product for only $20.

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