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EDM Mega Pack Trap Revolution Dubstep and Trap Vol. 2 Extraterrestrial Origins Dubstep Pollution Fundamental

Massive Power Pack Vol 1 (133 sounds)

Custom hand-crafted Patches for NI Massive that are aimed at virtually any musician that uses synthesizers for their musical production – many of these Pataches are sounds that are (in our opinion) missing from the factory voicing! You will also find inspiring patches that are aimed at being the SPARK that gets YOU fired up and writing new music!

133 Mind-numbing patches for one of the most popular soft synths on the market!

Throbbing basslines, booming subs and insane bass wobbles live beside beautiful bells, Über-flexible bpm-synced pulsing synth patches, the warmest lush pads you’ve ever heard Massive produce, aggressive leads, epic unison synth patches, twisted SFX and even guitar, harp, keyboard and wind patches.

What REALLY sets a PlugInGuru Power Pack apart from any other patch library is the depth of programming applied to each patch. EVERY patch has comments, is categorized and most importantly, ALL 8 real-time performance knobs are assigned to parameters to modify the patch to suit your needs. We give YOU the steering wheel to warp these patches for unrivaled creative control in a live or studio environment! Massive is NOT sample-based so by adjusting knobs with creative names like MONSTER, Dirt, Color, Chord, Sizzle and Freakt, (along with more typical OSC1 Vol, Cutoff, Reso, Attk, Decay, Release etc) – thousands upon thousands of radically different patch variations are waiting to be discovered by YOU!

What’s in the pack?

If you’re looking to see what Massive can truly sound like, then the Massive Power Pack is THE place to start.

  • 9-Bells
  • 31-BPM Synth Pads
  • 4-Brass Synth
  • 27-Synth Bass
  • 7-Wobble Bass (totally morphable!)
  • 7-Special FX
  • 2-Guitar
  • 1-Synth Harp
  • 2-Keyboards
  • 2-Organs
  • 14-Synth Lead
  • 10-Lush to EPIC Synth Pads
  • 14-Fast Synth
  • 1-Magical Wind
Where to get the sounds?

For more information or to download this pack click here

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