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Interlude – steve foulds (ambient dub tech)

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Messing around with some synths and effects after listening to Deepchord’s Liumin.

Ambient dub tech track using Native Instruments Massive & Pro 53 for synths and Audio Damage dub delay and Sonalkisis filter, EQ and compressor.

Un-mastered or mixed – just messing about…

I’m using synth patches from the waveforms and dub tech packs

  • pluton

    why did you choose these FX plugins? I'm interested in your audio damage choice.

  • breakitdown

    Hey Pluton,

    The Sonalksis ones i always use for EQ and Compressor and i love the TBK filter also.
    Massive because i use it pretty much exlusivley with my music – and pro 53… i rarely use it but i found a very nice organ sound i played with (It's the synth with the long attack that plays in the background).

    AD Dub delay – i just love that plug in, i i use it all the time and find it very versatile.

    Also can get some very nice nice feedback effects with it. I prefer it over Live's delay… and the one in Massive just can't do what i want with it – i usually set up 3 or 4 of them as send tracks with different delay times, and send them to each other in varying amounts. Then record in the tweaks live – copy and past the automation of the good bits and dump the rest.

    When i'm done i also like to export as WAV and bring back in 3 or 4 copies of the track, then i will bandpass some of them (mostly around the highs) and add some light flanger and panning or in this case some 1/1 delays. This gives a nice airiness and atmoshpere i can't seem to create otherwise – almost liquid effect to the white noise.

  • pluton

    Thanks! nice work!

    • pluton

      and also, did you try Ricochet from AD as well? for delays

  • breakitdown

    Pluton – i haven't actually… nope!

    I'll have a look… i actually bought the dub delay years ago and have been happy with it ever synth so never really looked for a replacement!

    Thanks for the tip.

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