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Guest Post: Making Professional Dubstep Bass Synths with NI Massive

We are happy to welcome BassGorilla this week, as he shares how to design and use professional dubstep bass synths made in NI Massive!

Steve Angello Style Saw Tooth Bass with NI Massive

In this tutorial we take a look at a quick and dirty, Steve Angello influenced NI Massive Sawtooth Bass! This is a one oscillator NI Massive patch that can be forged quickly and easily!

Using Effects to Transform an NI Massive Electro Bass

This video tutorial offers a few production tips and tricks, which will help you create the ultimate NI Massive Electro Bass sound!


How to Make Skrillex Laser Sounds in NI Massive

We welcome back Multiplier as he walks us through the steps of making Skrillex laser sounds in NI Massive.

Recreating Skrillex with Mr. Bill

Today we will spending some time with a great mind, talented artist and master of his craft – Mr. Bill. I’ve followed Bill for some time now and I’m happy to be sharing this series on how to recreate some infamous sounds from Skrillex in NI Massive other popular software.

Maschine Drag and Drop MIDI to Sequence Tutorial

This helpful tutorial will show you how to use the Maschine drag and drop feature to get sounds quickly and easily into your DAW arrangement window!

How to Gain More Control Over Your Pitch Riser in NI Massive and Ableton Live

There are several ways you can go about designing your own noise or pitch riser in NI Massive and Ableton live, but this tutorial shows you how to use Macros and automation to gain better control.


How To Make The Synth From Centipede By Knife Party with NI Massive

A very unique and catchy sound was recently used in the latest hit song from Knife Party called Centipede and this NI Massive video tutorial shows you how to recreate it!

How to Make a Nasty Filtered Glitch Hop Bass in NI Massive

An awesome NI Massive video tutorial from DJ Vespers, showing you how to design a seriously nasty glitch-hop style filtered bass synth from scratch.

How to Make a Noisia Style Reese Bass in NI Massive

We have had a lot of requests lately for some Reese bass tutorials for NI Massive, and this one of a good look at how to create a Nosia style Reese for your projects!

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