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Use Noise To Fill Out Your Mix In Massive

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works will show you how to make an ambient pad in Massive that works well to fill out the high end!

Create A Multi Genre Moody Pad in Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to to create a moody pad in Massive that will work with a lot of different genres!

Design a Huge Massive Swell Synth

Learn how to make a huge Massive swell synth that will work with dubstep, progressive and even cinematic genres.


Using Massive and Other NI Synths and Plugins for Scoring Animation

Our friends over at the Humanworkshop project recently shared this great post on how they used Massive and other NI synths and plugins to score an animated project!

5 Pro Tips On Ambient Sound Design for NI Massive

One thing NI Massive truly excels at is designing ambient synths, whether they be complex or subtle in nature. This quick round-up of 5 great tutorials will help you elevate your ambient sound design to another level!

How to Achieve a Dusty and Atmospheric Effect in NI Massive Deep House Sounds

Ambient and chill music genres use air, noise and atmosphere so well that they are almost considered signature traits. This quick lesson in achieving that dusty character in NI Massive deep house synths will help you get there.

Recreating Seven Lions’ Tyven Pluck

In this tutorial, we look at using NI Massive to recreate the pluck used by Seven Lions in his song Tyven!


Pro Tips on Making Shifting Drone Synths in NI Massive

This in-depth tutorial shares some great advice on how to design better shifting drone synths in NI Massive!

Design Your Own Custom Vinyl Crackle FX in NI Massive

So you make a killer beat for a new project, but it sounds a bit too clean? No problem! This cool tutorial will show you how to make your own vinyl crackle FX in NI Massive!

Designing a Better Deep Tech Pad Synth with NI Massive

Dub Tech, Deep Tech and Deep House music have a very similar appeal and share many commonalities when it comes to sound design. This lesson shares how you can make a nice deep tech pad synth to help make your music even more immersive.

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