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Leap Into The Void’s Mikael Adle talks cinematic sound design, evolving atmospheres and his tips for ambient sound design and using noise in post production

We’ve long been a fan of Scandinavian producer, Leap Into The Void. His atmospheric, often dark sounds are a unique break from the sea of EDM presets so popular today. We sat down with Mikael, the producer behind Leap Into The Void, to discuss cinematic sound design and get his tips on how and why he does what he does

Making Avant-Garde and Ambient NI Massive Drones

With so much attention on bass music and EDM genres, it is easy to forget just how flexible Massive really is. This lesson shares how to make some very deep NI Massive drones!

NI Massive Preset Series: Atmospheric Pad

This new series is going to be a lot of fun for both you and me! In each installment I will create a different sound, walk you through it step-by-step and in the end you will not only have had the chance to create your own version of it, you will be able to download the preset I created while making the tutorial.


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