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Dubstep SX For NI Massive Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 2 For NI Massive Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 3 For NI Massive Garage & Deep House Bundle THE ONE: Minimal Rhythms Dubstep and Trap Vol. 4


Make Your Own Garage House Chord in Massive (Free Preset Included)

Learn how you can create a Garage House chord in Massive that opens up and gets bigger via automation. This sound works for Deep House too!

Design a Huge Massive Swell Synth

Learn how to make a huge Massive swell synth that will work with dubstep, progressive and even cinematic genres.

Make a 32 Step Performance Arp in Massive

In part 4 of this month’s series on modulators modulating modulators, learn how add a 32 step performance to your arp in Massive.


Modulating a Modulator to Create an LFO Pitch Effect Part 2

In part two of this month’s Massive series, Johnny shows us how to use modulators to create an LFO pitch effect that drifts downwards.

Guest Post: Making Professional Dubstep Bass Synths with NI Massive

We are happy to welcome BassGorilla this week, as he shares how to design and use professional dubstep bass synths made in NI Massive!

Understanding the NI Massive Internal Envelope Modulators

Let’s clear up some confusion around an often overlooked and misunderstood feature called the NI massive internal envelope and how you can use it to design more complex and expressive patches.

Creating a Deep House Pluck using NI Massive

This tutorial looks at creating an NI Massive Deep House Pluck. Created by Jonny Strinati, this is the fourth and final installment of our series that is focused on Deep House for NI Massive.


Deep House Arp in Massive

The process of creating a killer Arpeggiator can be a bit strenuous. But in this tutorial, our sonic ninja, Jonny Strinati, will break down and simplify the process of creating a Deep House Arp within NI Massive!

Deep House Lead Design using NI Massive

In this NI Massive tutorial, Jonny Strinati guides us as we take a look at designing an impressive Deep House Lead.

Tech House & Deep House Production: Part 2 – Bass & Synths

In this tutorial we are looking at production tips for deep house / techno production. We looked at creating drums and applying some groove and shuffle in part 1 (which you can watch here). Today we’re looking at creating a bass riff to sit with the drums and a crisp arp to compliment it. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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Advanced Chord Stacks for Deep/Future House Producers Super Saw – Everything you need to know to recreate Super Saw sounds in Massive Start To Finish – Expert Melbourne Bounce Drops How To Make Any Sound In Massive