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Dubstep SX For NI Massive Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 2 For NI Massive Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 3 For NI Massive Garage & Deep House Bundle THE ONE: Minimal Rhythms Dubstep and Trap Vol. 4


Learn How To Create A Dirty Deep House Bass In Massive

Learn how to create a dirty Deep House bass in Massive. It’s a great sound to freshen up your Deep House tracks!

Echo Sound Works EDM Drops Lead and Bass Design

A walkthrough and tutorial showcasing some sounds from Echo Sound Works’ new soundset EDM Drops V.1

Learn How To Make Oliver Helden’s Gecko Bass in Massive

Learn how to make the bass sound in Oliver Helden’s ‘Gecko’ with NI Massive. It’s a perfect sound for House enthusiasts!


Make Massive Sound Like A Mini Moog

Tired of cold digital sounds? Warm up Massive by adding some analog character and learn how to make Massive sound like a Mini Moog in just a few minutes

Preset Request Deep House Bass Tutorial NI Massive

We’ve gotten a few requests to do a deep house bass sound in Massive. This tutorial shows you how to make a great chill bass for your drop.

Modulating a Modulator to Create an LFO Pitch Effect Part 2

In part two of this month’s Massive series, Johnny shows us how to use modulators to create an LFO pitch effect that drifts downwards.

Make Bigger and Better Wobbles With Layering Part 3

In the last part of this series on how to make the ultimate wobbles, learn the concepts of layering to make truly unique sounds.


The Secrets of Velocity, Keytracking and Trigger Random in Massive: Part 3

In the third part of this in depth series, Johnny goes over the benefits of keytracking and how to apply it to your sounds.

How to Make Bigger and Better Wobbles Part 1

In the first part of this new series, learn how to create bigger and better wobbles in Massive that will make your productions more unique.

Tech House & Deep House Production: Part 3 – Sidechaining and Synth Production

In this tutorial we continue with part 3 of our series of production tips for deep house and techno production. This week we look at sidechain compression and creating a great sounding synth. In prior tutorials we looked at creating drums and applying some groove and shuffle (which you can watch here), and creating a powerful bass track that added depth to our track (which you can watch here). Check out the video and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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Advanced Chord Stacks for Deep/Future House Producers Super Saw – Everything you need to know to recreate Super Saw sounds in Massive Start To Finish – Expert Melbourne Bounce Drops How To Make Any Sound In Massive