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Dub techno

Make Bigger and Better Wobbles with FX Part 2

In part two of this three part series, learn how to make your wobbles even bigger by using outside processing and effects.

How to Make Bigger and Better Wobbles Part 1

In the first part of this new series, learn how to create bigger and better wobbles in Massive that will make your productions more unique.

Steve Angello Style Saw Tooth Bass with NI Massive

In this tutorial we take a look at a quick and dirty, Steve Angello influenced NI Massive Sawtooth Bass! This is a one oscillator NI Massive patch that can be forged quickly and easily!


Designing a Better Deep Tech Pad Synth with NI Massive

Dub Tech, Deep Tech and Deep House music have a very similar appeal and share many commonalities when it comes to sound design. This lesson shares how you can make a nice deep tech pad synth to help make your music even more immersive.

Designing Professional Dub Tech Bass Synths with NI Massive

This helpful tutorial will share how to make professional Dub Tech bass synths in NI Massive that can also work well in Deep House and other genres.

Making an NI Massive Deep House Synth

This video tutorial will be helpful for anyone looking to learn more about designing NI Massive deep house sounds. It’s also good for techno, dub, etc.

Massive Ammunition – 128 NI Massive presets for deep, atmospheric dubstep, industrial electronica and hybrid electronic film scoring

Massive Ammunition is a new collection of 128 sounds for NI Massive aimed at deep and atmospheric dubstep, industrial electronica and hybrid electronic film scoring. In fact it’s perfect for any music that requires some ballsy bass sounds.


NI Massive Deadmau5 Aural Psynapse Pluck Synth Tutorial

This is a quick video tutorial showing you how to make an NI Massive Deadmau5 Aural Psynapse pluck synth in just a couple of minutes!

Nu School Style NI Massive Deep House Bass

We welcome back Jonny Strinati as he share how to design a nice NI Massive deep house bass synth in the Nu School style. This is a quick and easy to follow tutorial, perfect for users of all experience levels.

Designing a Morphing Dub Style NI Massive Pluck Synth

As we get closer to the release of another great patch collection for this amazing community, you are privy to yet another sneak peek! This time, the bare bones of this sweet dub style NI Massive pluck synth!

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