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dubstep wobble bass

Modulating a Modulator Part 3 Resampling

In part three of this month’s Massive series on modulating modulators, Johnny shows us how to use the concept of resampling to create more unique sounds.

Make Bigger and Better Wobbles With Layering Part 3

In the last part of this series on how to make the ultimate wobbles, learn the concepts of layering to make truly unique sounds.

The Secrets of Velocity, Keytracking and Trigger Random in Massive: Part 3

In the third part of this in depth series, Johnny goes over the benefits of keytracking and how to apply it to your sounds.


Make Bigger and Better Wobbles with FX Part 2

In part two of this three part series, learn how to make your wobbles even bigger by using outside processing and effects.

How to Make Bigger and Better Wobbles Part 1

In the first part of this new series, learn how to create bigger and better wobbles in Massive that will make your productions more unique.

Perfecting the LFO in Massive

This video offers a series of great tips that will help increase your knowledge of LFO usage in NI Massive!

Forging a Grimy Dubstep Wobble in NI Massive

In this tutorial we look at how to make an NI Massive Dubstep Wobble Bass Synth!


Create Great Sub Bass Lines using NI Massive

This video tutorial shares a few techniques for creating quick and easy Sub Basses using NI Massive inside a DAW!

Datsik Synth Sound Using NI Massive

In this tutorial Producer Tom Stocks, also known as Dr. Hobo, show us how to create a Synth Sound similar to the artist Datsik!

Using NI Massive to Recreate a Benga Wobble Bass

This video tutorial shows how to use NI Massive to recreate the wobble bass from the song I Will Never Change by Benga!

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