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Deep House/Garage Dirty Square Bass in Massive

In this tutorial, Johnny will show you how to create a versatile sounding dirty square wave bass in Massive. Great for Garage and EDM!

Make A Whistle Transition in Massive in Under 5 Minutes

Echo Sound Works shows you how to make whistle transition in Massive. It’s a great sound for transitioning between sections!

Learn How To Design A Grimey Hip Hop Bass in Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to design a grimey Hip Hop bass in Massive that will even work with Grime, Drum and Bass and Dubstep.


Echo Sound Works EDM Drops Lead and Bass Design

A walkthrough and tutorial showcasing some sounds from Echo Sound Works’ new soundset EDM Drops V.1

Design an EDM Massive Electro Bass in Minutes

In this tutorial, learn how to create a very digital Massive electro bass in just minutes! It’s a great midrange bass for EDM.

Make A Beautiful One Oscillator Lead in Massive

In this tutorial learn how to make a beautiful one oscillator lead in Massive that’s perfect for multiple genres like electro, house and dubstep.

How To Make A Big Dubstep Snare In Massive

Learn how to make a big dubstep snare in Massive that can help punch through your mix without having to layer and mix a lot of samples.


Thicken Up Your Mix With A Dark Organ In Massive

This tutorial will show you how to make a dark organ in Massive that you can use to help thicken up your mixes and glue things together.

Design a Huge Massive Swell Synth

Learn how to make a huge Massive swell synth that will work with dubstep, progressive and even cinematic genres.

Modulating a Modulator to Create an LFO Pitch Effect Part 2

In part two of this month’s Massive series, Johnny shows us how to use modulators to create an LFO pitch effect that drifts downwards.

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