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Make a Huge Swedish House Lead in Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to create a huge Swedish House lead in Massive that is perfect for your house and progressive drops!

Preset Request Deep House Bass Tutorial NI Massive

We’ve gotten a few requests to do a deep house bass sound in Massive. This tutorial shows you how to make a great chill bass for your drop.

Drums, Drum Editing, Sample Selection, and Grooves

This week, Jonny demonstrates how he creates and edits drum sections, chooses appropriate samples, and implements the right groove!

We’re always looking for better ways to improve our content, give back to the community, and create awesome music! Remember to leave a comment to let us know what you think about the video, how you plan on using the techniques you have learned or any feedback that you may have!


Recreating the Deadmau5 Veldt Pluck using NI Massive

This tutorial looks at creating the NI Massive Veldt Pluck which is an accurate reconstruction of the pluck used by the artist Deadmau5!

Designing Professional Dub Tech Bass Synths with NI Massive

This helpful tutorial will share how to make professional Dub Tech bass synths in NI Massive that can also work well in Deep House and other genres.

Designing a Better NI Massive Sub Bass

This video tutorial will show you how to create a gliding NI Massive Sub Bass that is filled with deep and sexy vibes!

Designing an NI Massive Dutch House Lead

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create an NI Massive Dutch House Lead that is capable of cutting through any mix with grace and style!


Making an NI Massive Deep House Synth

This video tutorial will be helpful for anyone looking to learn more about designing NI Massive deep house sounds. It’s also good for techno, dub, etc.

Making a Nice NI Massive Big Room House Lead Synth

This NI Massive Big Room House lead synth is a really nice sound and will work in more genres other than just House music!

Pro Tips for Making NI Massive Formant Bass Synths

This is a great little video tutorial sharing some tips on making NI Massive formant bass synths to be used in electro house, dubstep and other modern music genres.

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