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Make A Snappy Melbourne Bounce Lead in Massive

Johnny shows you how to make a Melbourne Bounce lead in Massive. He will also show you some nice processing tips!

Learn How To Make a Sublime EDM Lead In Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to make a sublime EDM lead in Massive that’s perfect for chords, breakdowns and melodic sections.

Guest Post: Designing a Wicked NI Massive Bass Music Synth with Tunecraft Sounds

In this guest post we welcome sound designer Tunecraft to walk you through designing a Wicked NI Massive Bass Music Synth.


Create a Vintage Mono Lead In NI Massive

In this tutorial, YouTube user aaronCRUSH walks us through how to create a 90′s vintage mono lead in Massive in under 5 minutes.

Deep House Lead Design using NI Massive

In this NI Massive tutorial, Jonny Strinati guides us as we take a look at designing an impressive Deep House Lead.

NI Massive Sound Design Tips

This is a nice video tutorial full if great insights, best practices and workflow tips for NI Massive sound design sessions intended to help you elevate your skills!

Making a Simple NI Massive Formant Lead Tutorial

We seem to be seeing more and more people of all ages producing a wide range of NI Massive tutorials! This one shares how to design a quick and easy NI Massive formant lead synth in just a few minutes.


Designing a Ripping Hard-Edged Lead Synth in NI Massive

This sound is HOT and with current trends in the music scene, it can be used in several different genres without any tweaking! This lesson shows you how to recreate this lead synth in NI Massive.

Making a Futuristic Lead Synth with Native Instruments Massive

It’s tough to put an exact name on this lead synth sound, as it has some characteristics from a few styles, so we’ll just call it Awesome  and continue onto the tutorial!

Do Androids Dream of Electronic Music? Or, How to Make the Infamous Blade Runner Synth.

It’s pretty common for a cult classic film’s soundtrack to be held up in high regards by it’s fans for eternity, and Vangelis has the unique ability to create music that is more memorable than the movies they are featured in (Chariots of Fire, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Alexander, etc). Either way you slice it, the Blade Runner synth is a classic, and this is how you make it.

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