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Learn How To Create A Dirty Deep House Bass In Massive

Learn how to create a dirty Deep House bass in Massive. It’s a great sound to freshen up your Deep House tracks!

Learn How To Make A Plucky Chill Out Arp in Massive

Learn how to make a beautiful, plucky chill out arp in Massive. It will fit well with a lot of genres and can easily be changed into a lead.

Make A Thick Progressive Synth In Massive

Echo Sound Works shows you how to make a Massive Progressive Trance Lead. It’s a quick and simple sound to make!


Make The Karanda Krank Square Lead in Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to recreate the Karanda Krank square lead in Massive. The tips and tricks in this video can be applied to a lot of other lead sounds!

Learn How to Create A Big Garage Bass in Massive

If you have been loving then resurgence of Deep House music and want to learn how to make a big Garage bass in Massive here’s how!

Make A Beautiful One Oscillator Lead in Massive

In this tutorial learn how to make a beautiful one oscillator lead in Massive that’s perfect for multiple genres like electro, house and dubstep.

Exploring The Distortion Effects In Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to use the different distortion effects in Massive and how they can be used on certain types of sounds.


Learn How To Use The Synced Delay In Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to use the synced delay in Massive to create unique delay effects like ping pong and gated delays.

Pro Tips For The Noise Oscillator In Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to use the noise oscillator in Massive to make unique sounds like drums and FX patches as well as use it as a tool to beef up leads and basses.

Learn How To Use The Modulation OSC in Massive

Have you ever wondered what the Modulation OSC in Massive does? Johnny shows us how to use it and how it affects your sounds in Massive.

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