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How To Make A Big Dubstep Snare In Massive

Learn how to make a big dubstep snare in Massive that can help punch through your mix without having to layer and mix a lot of samples.

How The Waveform Modes (Spectrum, Bend+, Bend-/+ & Bend-) In Massive Affect The Sound

Learn how the wavetable modes (Spectrum, Bend +, Bend-/+ And Bend –) in NI Massive affect your sound.

Thicken Up Your Mix With A Dark Organ In Massive

This tutorial will show you how to make a dark organ in Massive that you can use to help thicken up your mixes and glue things together.


Wavetables. Which one to use when creating chords in Massive

In part four of this month’s series on creating chord sounds in Massive, Johnny covers some of the best wavetables to use for chords.

Learn How To Activate The Velocity Sensitivity in Massive

In this short tutorial, learn how to use the velocity sensitivity in Massive to make your sounds more expressive and playable.

Learn How To Make a Sublime EDM Lead In Massive

In this tutorial, learn how to make a sublime EDM lead in Massive that’s perfect for chords, breakdowns and melodic sections.

Take Your Chord Sounds In Massive Even Further

In part two of this month’s featured series, learn how to thicken up chord sounds in Massive to make them thicker and more playable.


90s Synth Riffs with NI Massive

We are very happy to have Rafael, from Piggy Sounds Studio, here today for this awesome tutorial on designing retro 90s sounds with NI Massive. A must read!

Make Your Own Massive Reverse Cymbal Preset

Learn how make your own Massive reverse cymbal preset that can be used in multiple genres like dubstep, house, electro, downbeat and more!

Learn How To Build Chord Sounds in Massive

Kicking off this month’s featured series is a tutorial on how to build chord sounds and stack different pitches to make playable chords.

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