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Dubstep SX For NI Massive Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 2 For NI Massive Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 3 For NI Massive Garage & Deep House Bundle THE ONE: Minimal Rhythms Dubstep and Trap Vol. 4


Live Performance Techniques for Maschine: Tutorials from Mr. Invisible’s Justin Aswell Part 3 of 3

In this last video in the special three-part tutorial series from Mr. Invisible’s Justin Aswell, he discusses and demonstrates several live performance techniques for Maschine that will help you elevate your skills to the next level.

Talking Bass Sequencing with NI Massive

Dubspot Instructor Heinrich Zwahlen explores creative possibilities of Massive, Native Instruments synthesizer which is frequently used to create fat bass sounds and intense leads.

Ni Massive Dubstep on Ableton live

Dubstep has become huge in very little time, and you can use NI Massive easily with Ableton Live to create some incredible hard hitting professional sounds.


Anodyne Tutorial: Using LFOs To Automate Basslines in NI Massive

One of the most popular automation techniques in NI Massive is to use LFOs to control changes in your sounds over time. Here’s how you do it!

Tuto MAO : NI Massive White Noise DIDGUITARE

Learn how you can use the Noise oscillator in NI massive to create incredibly unique sounds, and you may learn a little French too!

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