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Making a Cool Saw Wave Riser Transition FX with NI Massive

Marc Adamo is here to share how you can use Native Instruments Massive to design your own killer transition FX, and breaks down the mechanics involved in each step of the process.

Dubstep Massive Patch Collection from Brooklyn Sound Collective

Looking for an amazing set of sounds that you can use for dubstep production that allow for a ton of flexibility and have a truly professional quality? Look no further.

NI Massive Tutorial from Marco Scherer – White Noise Fx

Marco Scherer is back to kick down a little more NI Massive knowledge in this cool little tutorial video showing you how to easily create some white noise effects.


NI Massive Tutorial from Marco Scherer – Modulation OSC FX

This is another quick and easy NI Massive tutorial from DJ and producer Marco Scherer, this time showing us how to use the Modulation OSC feature to create risers.

NI Massive Tutorial from Marco Scherer – Creating a Powerchord

Enjoy another great NI Massive video tutorial from popular DJ and Producer Marco Scherer, this time he shows how to make a nice powerchord in just a few minutes.

Re-Zone Swedish House Synths Massive Presets

Wow! This collection from Re-Zone is seriously HOT! Very professional and polished sounds, with a ton of control build into each one through the brilliantly programmed macros.

NI Massive Tutorial from Marco Scherer – Creating Downer FX

Marco Scherer shares with us how he went about creating one of the FX you will find in his latest NI Massive preset collection.


Marco Scherer Reveals The Secret Behind Rocking Tech Groove Sequences In Massive

Really nice tutorial from Marco Scherer on creating those bleepy tech bleeps and revealing the secret behind those rocking groove sequences using the modulators in Massive!

Sweet Reverb Trick in NI Massive with DJ Anthony Ross

A very tricky maneuver using the reverb FX in NI Massive to achieve a cool effect.

Untold – 60 Dubstep / DnB NI Massive Sounds

Designed to complement Drum & Bass and Dubstep productions

Untold Dubstep DnB Massive Presets – This much anticipated collection of sounds from DJ Untold is going to quickly become one of the “must haves” in any serious Massive users’ arsenal of patches.

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