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Native Instruments

Using the Scream Filter to Make Roaring Basses in NI Massive

The built in Scream filter within Massive is capable of some pretty extreme sounds both when tweaked and when modulated.  Because of this, it is quite simple to create a roaring effect with any bass preset.

Native Instruments Massive Tutorial – Joy Orbison Synth

Attention all Joy Orbison fans! This one is for you. Learn how to create the iconic sound for your own projects.

Emulating the Moog Bass stab sound within NI Massive

Most of us have heard of the famous Moog synthesizer, and most of us know of the ever popular Moog bass stab / pluck sound which is extremely easy to get using a Moog synth.  Well that sound is also easy to achieve within Massive as well.


Modulating the Melancholia waveform for a Ringing Effect in NI Massive

By using the Melancholia waveform found within the Effects/Chords waveforms in Massive, we can modulate the Wt-Position of the oscillator to create a ringing sound effect.

The SinnerFire Terror Bass Collection for NI Massive

Dark, nasty and even down right evil is what you can expect from this colossal collection from SinnerFire called “Terror Bass For NI Massive”.

Creating Leads using the SinFormant Oscillator in NI Massive

There are a number of formant based waveforms that can be found within Massive’s eclectic waveform list, the SinFormant waveform is just one of many that is capable of interesting sounds.

Using the Bandreject filter to Create interesting Bass Synths in NI Massive

Modulating the Bandreject filter in Massive using the Performer allows us to create an almost slammed open type of effect with our bass presets in Massive.


Untold – 60 Dubstep / DnB NI Massive Sounds

Designed to complement Drum & Bass and Dubstep productions

Untold Dubstep DnB Massive Presets – This much anticipated collection of sounds from DJ Untold is going to quickly become one of the “must haves” in any serious Massive users’ arsenal of patches.

Creating a Trumpet Synth in NI Massive

With very little need for modification, it is possible to quickly and easily create a synth in Massive that resembles the sound of a trumpet.

NI Massive Preset Series: Creating a Pulsating Evolving Space Bass

In this installment of the NI Massive Preset Series we will be exploring one way to create a performer driven synth that cycles between Serial and Parallel filters and also takes advantage of syncing the main filter bypass to this same action.

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