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NI Massive

Controlling Multiple LFOs with Stepper in NI Massive

The Stepper feature in Native Instruments Massive is a lot more flexible and powerful than some may be giving it credit for. It’s all in how you use it, and this video may just show even experienced users a new trick or two!

How to Make an Agressive Phased Formant Wobble Synth in NI Massive

This sound is a seriously wicked synth, building in intensity and character as you move up the keyboard with a little help from Massive’s KeyTracking feature.

How to Make a Nasty Filtered Glitch Hop Bass in NI Massive

An awesome NI Massive video tutorial from DJ Vespers, showing you how to design a seriously nasty glitch-hop style filtered bass synth from scratch.


Quick & Easy Tutorial Series: Evolving Atmospheric Murmur Pad

In today’s installment of the Quick & Easy Tutorial Series I will demonstrate how to make an evolving atmospheric murmur pad, perfect for ambient, minimal and deepchord style projects.

Special: FREE Dubstep Sound Pack By Dr Hobo For NI Bass Invaders

Brought to you in partnership with Native Instruments, this free sound pack provides you with a stunning diversity of sounds in every single patch.

Dr Hobo has created patches to some of the most prominent producers in the dubstep genre, as well some of the prodigious pioneers of dance music itself!

What’s in the pack?

The 10 Massive Dubstep Patches included in this pack are comprised of Tearing Dubstep Basses. 10 patches seems a small amount, however with full macro control of each sound you have the building blocks to make an infinite amount of sounds.

Expect to find here a selection of outrageous bass designed to complement Drum & Bass, Dubstep and other bass music genres. Not to be missed!

Click here for your exclusive free download of Dr Hobo’s Dubstep!

File Format: .NMSV
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Progressive Lead Synth in NI Massive and FL Studio

This is a great video showing you how to make a killer progressive house lead synth in just a few minutes, and it’s a sound you can tweak pretty easily to fit your music.

Eclipse – Age Of Transitions – 65 Sounds For NI Massive ( Ambient, filmscore, moody pads, soundscapes, ethereal bells, percussion)

“Age of Transitions” ( content 1/2 – also check out pack 2 here )” is a collection of 64 high quality ambient, filmscore and new age style patches, containing moody pads, soundscapes, ethereal bells, percussion, and sublime fantasy woodwind instruments.

Nearly every each patch has all 8 macro controls assigned to it.

Try A Demo: Download a small sample pack of this bank

Please note: This product requires Native Instruments Massive and is available in NMSV format only.

As of right now you can get your hands on this product for only $12.95.

Price includes PayPal transaction fee.


How To Make Delta Heavy & Knife Party Woop Woop Synth in NI Massive

A very straightforward and concise NI Massive video tutorial that showcases the popular Woop synth sound that artists like Knife Party and Delta Heavy have used in recent hits.

Growl Bass and Talking Glide in NI Massive

When you design a good talking growl bass, there is a chance to cash in on the wide range of changes in sound when gliding between notes over time.

Neurofunk ‘Reflections’ – 25 sounds for NI Massive

From heavily modulated reeses to neurofunk vowel sounds, these 25 patches make full use of Massive’s powerful in-built FX, making them ready to be slotted into your next club banger.

For extra tweak-ability Massive macro’s are in full effect here, enabling you to quickly put your own individual stamp on these sounds.

JC says : These sounds are friggin AWESOME!!

Take a listen to these sounds in action:

NI Massive format

These sounds are in both the KSD and NMSV formats so will work regardless of your Massive version.

KA says: Very cool sounds… Although I don’t like using presets too much for my tracks, I think these presets would also show me how to achieve sounds like that

As of right now you can get your hands on this product for only $17.

Price includes PayPal transaction fee.

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