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NI Massive

Envelopes, Builds, and Sidechain Effect in NI Massive

A nice quick video sharing how to better understand and use the envelopes within Native Instruments Massive synth to create effects and gain more control over how a sound develops.

How to Make a Dirty Reese Bass in NI Massive

There are obviously many ways to design a solid Reese style bass with Native Instruments Massive, and this is another that is easy to follow, recreate and even make it your own with a little tweaking.

Funk Clav Synth Tutorial for NI Massive

One of our new favorites, producer James Marcus is back to deliver another spot on tutorial for the NI Massive community. This time he shows how to make a funky clav!


Skrillex Kyoto/Ruffneck NI Massive Tutorial

This is a nice NI Massive video tutorial from Stratos showing how to make the popular Skrillex Kyoto/Ruffneck synth in just a matter of minutes. 

How to Make a “Mord Fustang-ish” Lead with NI Massive

Sometimes a sound comes along and used in such a way that it is deemed a ‘classic sound’ right there on the spot. Mord Fustang has a knack for it, and this video shows how to recreate on his his signature sounds.

How to make a Dubstep/Complextro Synth in NI Massive

Whether you are looking to learn how to make a killer blip or a scorching hot synth for that epic drop, this is a tutorial you do not want to pass over.

Making the Datsik Firepower Alien Lead Synth in NI Massive

Datsik has a ton of great sounds that people are very excited to reproduce for their own projects, and this is one that is easily used in a wide range of music, and it’s fun to make.


Dubstep Bass Synthesis Tutorial for NI Massive

We welcome back Deadly Habit for another informative and entertaining NI Massive video tutorial video, this time he shares how he goes about creating a dubstep bass instrument.

Making a Whoop Synth in NI Massive

With a lot of the more catchy synth sounds you hear in today’s music, it’s hard to put a name to so many of them. Today’s post is showing how to create a sweet lead with some 8-bit influence.

Modulation Overview With NI Massive

Taking a look at the basics of modulation and the effects on the actual sound waves when changes are made through envelopes, filters, LFOs, etc. Perfect for beginners and sound design fans.

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