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Happy Birthday, Native Instruments! From Your Biggest Fans.

Posted on 18th October, by SteveF in Uncategorized. 1 Comment

Today is a pretty special day for those of us who have followed Native Instruments from the very beginning, as well as those who may have just stumbled across them today. And this means a slight deviation from the normal tutorial or product review focus of our front page posts. Today NI turns 15 years old! And to celebrate this momentous occasion they have decided to invite everyone to a 15 day event, offering all sorts of fun and exciting opportunities and gifts including the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to one of their headquarters (either Berlin or L.A.)!

FL Studio – Automation in NI Massive

Posted on 7th January, by Steve Foulds in Tutorials for Massive, Video. 5 Comments

Automation of NI Massive in your DAW is not exactly simple and straightforward for everyone who attempts to do it, especially for those who are using FL Studio. If you just said something to the effect of, “No doubt!” then this video tutorial is for you.

Ni Massive Dubstep on Ableton live

Posted on 3rd January, by Steve Foulds in Tutorials for Massive, Video. No Comments

Dubstep has become huge in very little time, and you can use NI Massive easily with Ableton Live to create some incredible hard hitting professional sounds.


Tuto MAO : NI Massive White Noise DIDGUITARE

Posted on 24th December, by Steve Foulds in Tutorials for Massive, Video. 3 Comments

Learn how you can use the Noise oscillator in NI massive to create incredibly unique sounds, and you may learn a little French too!

DUBSTEP in FL Studio – NI Massive Bass Wobble

Posted on 3rd December, by Steve Foulds in Tutorials for Massive, Video. 14 Comments

If you are making dubstep, then you need to be able to make a good wobble bass. No matter what DAW you choose to use, NI Massive is a great choice to make some of the biggest, nastiest dirtiest wobble bass sounds ever imagined. Thhis video shows how to do it with FL Studio.

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