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3 Pro NI Massive Tips For A Cleaner Mix

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works will show you some tips and tricks that will help make your Massive sounds fit in the mix better.

Making a Pitched Hard Lead Synth with NI Massive

In this tutorial you will see one way I go about making a slightly pitched hard lead synth with NI Massive that can be used in several different music genres and is easily customized. 

Quick & Easy Tutorial Series: Evolving Atmospheric Murmur Pad

In today’s installment of the Quick & Easy Tutorial Series I will demonstrate how to make an evolving atmospheric murmur pad, perfect for ambient, minimal and deepchord style projects.


Native Instruments Massive Drum Kit & Bassline Tutorial

So we all know that you can make a bass with NI Massive. And you can make all sorts of drum elements with Massive as well. But how about using one instance of Massive to build a drum kit and bassline?

Deep House Synth Pad in NI Massive

A nice lush sounding pad for your deeper house, minimal and ambient productions. It’s quick, easy and a very nice addition to any track needing that little bit of melodic atmosphere.

Quick & Easy Series: Creating Hi-Hats in NI Massive

Welcome back to another installment of the Quick & Easy NI Massive Tutorial Series. This tutorial will show you just how easy it is to create a good sounding set of Hi-Hats in Massive, and it only takes a few seconds to make!

Creating sounds of a crowd with NI Massive

I know that Massive is a versatile synth and can create everything and anything but this one is pretty cool.


Tuto MAO : NI Massive White Noise DIDGUITARE

Learn how you can use the Noise oscillator in NI massive to create incredibly unique sounds, and you may learn a little French too!

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