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5 Pro Tips On Ambient Sound Design for NI Massive

One thing NI Massive truly excels at is designing ambient synths, whether they be complex or subtle in nature. This quick round-up of 5 great tutorials will help you elevate your ambient sound design to another level!

Understanding the NI Massive Internal Envelope Modulators

Let’s clear up some confusion around an often overlooked and misunderstood feature called the NI massive internal envelope and how you can use it to design more complex and expressive patches.

Transforming Old Video Game Sounds into Modern Instruments with NI Massive

If you grew up when I did, then you can remember playing all the latest video games and the computers and systems they were made for. This quick tutorial will walk you through how you can take a simple 8-bit sound and transform it into a modern instrument using NI Massive.


How to Achieve the Classic Poly Funk Synth Sound with NI Massive

This tutorial is a response to a question posed in our forums about recreating a classic poly funky synth in NI Massive. Similar to synthesizing horns, this lesson will share a few tips to help you achieve this classic sound!

Managing CPU Load with NI Massive Quality Settings

We’ve all been there. You’re working on a large project and the next thing you know, your CPU is maxed. This quick lesson will share a few tips to help you get around that by using the NI Massive quality settings creatively.

Making Deep Layered NI Massive Risers for Greater Impact

This quick lesson shares some great tips on how you can make your own layered NI Massive risers more consistent and interesting that you can implement right now!

Tips & Tricks for Making Bigger NI Massive Bass Synths

With the current trends in today’s bass music scene people aim for louder, but this can actually hurt the music in some ways. This quick tutorial shares some tips on how to make bigger NI Massive bass synths that’ll cut through a mix and shake some bones!


How to Achieve a Dusty and Atmospheric Effect in NI Massive Deep House Sounds

Ambient and chill music genres use air, noise and atmosphere so well that they are almost considered signature traits. This quick lesson in achieving that dusty character in NI Massive deep house synths will help you get there.

How to Pitch Bend an NI Massive Trap Synth Up and Down Automatically

With the recent rebirth of excitement in southern hip-hop, we’ve been receiving a lot of requests for NI Massive trap synth tutorials. This tutorial shows you how to make one of the more popular types, with the added bonus of a secondary pitch bend, which many artists are now using!

Emulating a Throwback 80s Style NI Massive Bass Synth

Taking a walk down memory lane and sharing how to use the Pulse-Saw Sync wavetable to emulate a classic 80s style NI Massive bass synth!

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