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Fill Out A Mix With This Ambient Pad In Massive

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works will show you how to make an ambient pad in Massive that works well to fill out the high end!

NI Massive Pad Design With An Arpeggiated Vibe For Techno

In this tutorial, Johnny will show you how to create a really useful Massive techno pad in just minutes!

Pro Tips on Making Shifting Drone Synths in NI Massive

This in-depth tutorial shares some great advice on how to design better shifting drone synths in NI Massive!


Designing a Better Deep Tech Pad Synth with NI Massive

Dub Tech, Deep Tech and Deep House music have a very similar appeal and share many commonalities when it comes to sound design. This lesson shares how you can make a nice deep tech pad synth to help make your music even more immersive.

Designing a Long Evolving NI Massive Pad

This lesson in designing a long evolving NI Massive pad is a wonderful example of just how easy it can be to takle advantage of the modulation controls to create incredibly complex instruments in just minutes!

Creating a Huge NI Massive Supersaw Flex Synth

There are many different modern music genres that showcase anthemic synths that flex from pluck or stab to huge pad or lead. This tutorial shares how to make a big NI Massive supersaw flex synth perfect for this!

NI Massive Sound Design Tips

This is a nice video tutorial full if great insights, best practices and workflow tips for NI Massive sound design sessions intended to help you elevate your skills!


Do Androids Dream of Electronic Music? Or, How to Make the Infamous Blade Runner Synth.

It’s pretty common for a cult classic film’s soundtrack to be held up in high regards by it’s fans for eternity, and Vangelis has the unique ability to create music that is more memorable than the movies they are featured in (Chariots of Fire, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Alexander, etc). Either way you slice it, the Blade Runner synth is a classic, and this is how you make it.

Quick & Easy Tutorial Series: Evolving Atmospheric Murmur Pad

In today’s installment of the Quick & Easy Tutorial Series I will demonstrate how to make an evolving atmospheric murmur pad, perfect for ambient, minimal and deepchord style projects.

Dark Sweeping Pad Tutorial for NI Massive

A nice approach to creating a sweeping pad instrument in NI Massive, including the programming of macro controls and setting up the internal envelope of the main LFO.

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