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Dubstep SX For NI Massive Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 2 For NI Massive Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 3 For NI Massive Garage & Deep House Bundle THE ONE: Minimal Rhythms Dubstep and Trap Vol. 4


How To Use The Internal Envelopes in Massive

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works shows you how to use those internal envelopes in Massive to make your sounds more expressive!

Echospace by OhmLab – Dub Tech, Ambient, Electro, Deep House, Chill & More

EchoSpace Vol. 1 is one of the most flexible and stylistic NI Massive preset collections released by OhmLab to date.

Designing NI Massive Pads

Jonny Strinati returns with part 4 of a 5 part series all about creating deep house, deep tech and tech house sounds in NI Massive.


NI Massive Video Tutorial: Trance Gate Hook

Master the art of making a trance gate hook in about a minute!

Sawtooth – 50 Free NI Massive Sounds

Sawtooth is a collection of 50 sounds for NI Massive with one thing in common – every sound is created using the Sawtooth waveform.

Think reeses, think lush ripping pads and think acid… it’s all in here!

Creating a Nice Lush Synth in NI Massive

There is always room in your arsenal of sounds for a well made and nice sounding lush synth pad, and this tutorial can help you add another.

NI Massive Preset Series: Atmospheric Pad

This new series is going to be a lot of fun for both you and me! In each installment I will create a different sound, walk you through it step-by-step and in the end you will not only have had the chance to create your own version of it, you will be able to download the preset I created while making the tutorial.


Quick & Easy Series: Simple Trance Pad in NI Massive

In this installment of the Quick & Easy Massive tutorial series, we take a look at how to create a professional sounding trance style pad in under two minutes. This popular sound is really simple to accomplish using NI Massive and it’s a technique you may find yourself using again and again for years to come.

Morphing & Evolving Synth Pads In Massive

Really cool video by AscianUK about evolving synth pads with NI Massive and Ableton Live.

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Advanced Chord Stacks for Deep/Future House Producers Super Saw – Everything you need to know to recreate Super Saw sounds in Massive Start To Finish – Expert Melbourne Bounce Drops How To Make Any Sound In Massive