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Awesome DNB Bass Design In Massive

In this tutorial, Johnny will show you how to make a DnB bass in Massive using the stepper and performer to modulate the sound.

Learn How To Make A Plucky Chill Out Arp in Massive

Learn how to make a beautiful, plucky chill out arp in Massive. It will fit well with a lot of genres and can easily be changed into a lead.

How to extend the length of Massive’s performer modulator from 16 to 32 steps

Mikael Adle AKA Leap Into The Void walks us through how to extend the length of Massive’s performer modulator from 16 to 32 steps.


Creating Multiple Parts of a Track using a Single Instance of Massive

This original tutorial demonstrates ways to create multiple parts of a track using only one instance of NI Massive!

Many people use NI Massive as a synth dedicated to producing only one part of a track, such as a bass, stab, or perhaps maybe a lead line. It is possible, however, to create a couple parts of a track using only one instance of the Massive synth. For example using only 1 OSC, 1 filter and the noise module, we can start to program several components of a track at one time, like this:

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

The OSC in this instance creates the kick drum. We only need 1 OSC, so turn off the other 2 for now and set it up as such.

Firstly set the OSC to -36 (i’m playing a C1 in my example) …

How to Make a Flexible Moog Style Analog Bass in NI Massive

Moog is synonymous with awesome analog sounds, and with good reason! This tutorial shares how to make a flexible analog bass in NI Massive with the character of a funky Moog!

Fashioning a Liquid Style Bass using NI Massive

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a Liquid Style Bass using Native Instrument’s Massive Synthesizer!

How Did Feed Me & Gemini Design The Whiskers Bass? Here’s Something Similar Using NI Massive!

This video tutorial shows how to create an NI Massive Whiskers Bass synth that is reminiscent of the synth used by Feed Me & Gemini in their song Whiskers!


How To Design An NI Massive Wet Bass

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a great sounding NI Massive Wet Bass!

Creating a Big NI Massive Dubstep Riser

This quick video tutorial shares how you can make a big atmospheric NI Massive dubstep riser in no time at all!

Want To Design An NI Massive Squeal Bass?

This tutorial shows you the ins and outs of designing an NI Massive Squeal Bass!

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