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Studio Update Growl Glitch Bass Tutorial for NI Massive

Another great NI Massive video tutorial from EmcFRAKTAL showing you how he designed a cool growl bass, and then add some glitch effects and sub bass to make it awesome!

Houdini (Foster The People) Synth Tutorial for NI Massive

If you’ve been looking for a cool high pitched lead glide synth with a funky disco feel, then check out this NI Massive video tutorial on how to recreate the Houdini synth.

How to Make a Porter Robinson Style Distorted Glitch Bass in NI Massive

A super hot sound in an easy to follow NI Massive video tutorial! Learn how to recreate the Porter Robinson distortion bass in just a few minutes.


How to make the Benga Wobble from ‘I Will Never Change’ in NI Massive

We are happy to share yet another nice tutorial from a community member! This time we learn how to recreate the Benga wobble synth from I Will Never Change.

Understanding NI Massive: The Modulation OSC

This series has quickly become a MassiveSynth community favorite, because it helps shed light on the different parts of Native Instruments Massive synth. This time, we cover the Modulation OSC panel.

Phased Chords with NI Massive

This is a tutorial about using Massive’s modulation creatively to create ‘phased chords’ pioneered by Steve Reich and used to great effect by Boards of Canada in their music.

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