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Learn How To Create A Chill Out Pluck In Massive

In this tutorial, Johnny will show you how to create a Chill Out pluck in Massive. It could be used in multiple genres of Chill Out and House.

EDM Pro Tip for Making a Percussive Pluck in Massive

In this tutorial, learn some quick tips and tricks that will help you make a percussive pluck in Massive that snaps right through the mix.

Crafting a Beautiful NI Massive Pluck

Plucks are an essential sound to a lot of musical styles. In this tutorial, we take a look at creating a NI Massive Pluck that not only sounds great, but can be made in less than two minutes!


Using Massive to Create a Trance Pluck

In this tutorial we look at creating a quick and easy Trance Pluck using NI Massive!

Designing an NI Massive Trance Pluck

This informative video tutorial shows you how to create a great sounding NI Massive Trance Pluck in no time!

Creating a Huge NI Massive Supersaw Flex Synth

There are many different modern music genres that showcase anthemic synths that flex from pluck or stab to huge pad or lead. This tutorial shares how to make a big NI Massive supersaw flex synth perfect for this!

NI Massive Sound Design Tips

This is a nice video tutorial full if great insights, best practices and workflow tips for NI Massive sound design sessions intended to help you elevate your skills!


Making a Pitched NI Massive Trance Pluck Synth

This is an easy to follow tutorial sharing how to go about making a pitched NI Massive Trance pluck synth that’s easily customized.

NI Massive Deadmau5 Aural Psynapse Pluck Synth Tutorial

This is a quick video tutorial showing you how to make an NI Massive Deadmau5 Aural Psynapse pluck synth in just a couple of minutes!

NI Massive Kangaroo Pluck Synth Tutorial

We welcome back TyGr as he shares how to make a cool pluck synth with the Kangaroo wavetable in NI Massive, perfect for all sorts of electronic and popular music projects.

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