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Creating a Big NI Massive Dubstep Riser

This quick video tutorial shares how you can make a big atmospheric NI Massive dubstep riser in no time at all!

Dubstep with NI Massive Part 4: The Riser

Welcome back to the last installment fo this month’s members only series on making dubstep music with NI Massive. This week we look at designing the riser element.

How to Gain More Control Over Your Pitch Riser in NI Massive and Ableton Live

There are several ways you can go about designing your own noise or pitch riser in NI Massive and Ableton live, but this tutorial shows you how to use Macros and automation to gain better control.


Designing an Epic Synth Riser in NI Massive

This NI Massive Tutorial will show you how to make a huge electro synth riser that is worthy of being used in a large production, and it only takes a few minutes to make!

How to Make an 8-Bit Growl Synth Build-Up in NI Massive

This is a sweet sound and a good lesson in how to combine different sounds, delivered in different ways, in one NI Massive patch without too much complication.

Making a Cool Saw Wave Riser Transition FX with NI Massive

Marc Adamo is here to share how you can use Native Instruments Massive to design your own killer transition FX, and breaks down the mechanics involved in each step of the process.

Envelopes, Builds, and Sidechain Effect in NI Massive

A nice quick video sharing how to better understand and use the envelopes within Native Instruments Massive synth to create effects and gain more control over how a sound develops.


Scary Alien Spaceship Sound in Massive!!

This sound is billed as a scary alien spaceship kind of sound, but really it is an awesome and intense distortion build-up effect that can worked incredibly well in a wide range of music.

NI Massive Tutorial from Marco Scherer – White Noise Fx

Marco Scherer is back to kick down a little more NI Massive knowledge in this cool little tutorial video showing you how to easily create some white noise effects.

NI Massive Tutorial from Marco Scherer – Modulation OSC FX

This is another quick and easy NI Massive tutorial from DJ and producer Marco Scherer, this time showing us how to use the Modulation OSC feature to create risers.

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