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Showcase – RiMbY

RiMbY is an electronic music producer and dj from Atlanta, GA.

Showcase – Bobby C Sound TV

It’s not everyday a producer/DJ gets blogged by one of their favorite directors as is the case with Bobby C Sound TV who was recently blogged and called brilliant by Edgar Wright, director of such cult movies as Shaun Of The Dead, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Hot Fuzz.

Showcase – Dhisk Jointed

It all started when I as about 7 (im 33 now!) my dad baught me a tape recorder and I used to record my voice and music from the television.

From that I moved on to using 4 track recorders – recording myself playing guitar and programming an alesis drum machine ā€“ I think I was about 15 or 16. I then attended the School Of Audio Engineering (this was just before digital recording took over analogue) failed the course. Re-took the course and failed it again, lost my faith in recording music so I turned to Dj-ing.


Showcase – Deerob

Hi! I’m Deerob (24), was born in Germany.

Before I became a solo artist | “Electronica” (with a touch of everything), I was a member in a few Bands, as guitarist and drummer, from Cover-stuff > MetalCore. (Pre-act for Bands like ‘Mnemic’ [DK], ‘Emil Bulls [Ger])

Started at age 8 to play Keyboard, 10y guitar and round about 13y drums.

Since 2008 I’ve been working as Deerob.

At the moment I’m working on my first album ‘Deevolution’, with Finnish support from RomyHarmony to add some beautiful vocal parts and German support from Dennis Jungesbluth for some evil guitar-riffs!

Showcase – Will Cuming

Will Cuming is an Australian musician and composer who writes and performs most regularly with electro-pop band ‘Poco la Pax’.

He studied Improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne with guitar as his primary instrument. As well as being a guitarist and songwriter for ‘Poco la Pax’ he also designs synth sounds, programmes light shows and does remixes under this name. Will played guitar on the the film ‘Red Hill’ (2010) and is also a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, flute, ukulele, and sample pads.

Showcase – Subyeti

Subyeti is a music producer/DJ, rumored to reside in the hills surrounding Los Angeles. A pioneer in the crypto-hominid bass scene.

Showcase – HMA Productions

Hello, I’m Stephen Goree, an electronic music producer from Woodinville, Washington in the United States.

I first learned about electronic music production two years ago from one of my friends who introduced me to Ableton Live.


Showcase – Surgery Season

After spending years going in and out of bands, I, Joey Alverson, under the moniker Surgery Season, decided to sit down and create my own music.

Using minimal ideas with every ounce of creativity I have, I try to create a atmospheric sound drawing influences from anything and everything. Soon after starting to learn to use software, I put out a few demos under a different name, which then lead me to my current name and a 3 song EP entitled Lights And Cameras. I plan to release a full length in August and hopefully will begin to play live.

Tell us a bit about your music.

I am a minimalist artist focusing on ambient and downtempo beats, thus creating an atmosphere that people can relax to. I’ve have wanted to create a sound like this since I first heard my …

Showcase – Life Light

Life Light is a Trance & Progressive House DJ and aspiring producer from Atlanta, GA.

Bringing a mixture of soul enlightening sounds and heavy rockin’ bass lines to the dance floor, he has been a refreshing addition to the Atlanta EDM scene. Life Light has played over 100 individual gigs and has opened for Anjunabeats’ artist Arty. Life Light will continue to produce and perform for years to come.

1) Tell us a bit about your music (genre, inspiration source, goals):

It all started back in 2005 when I was approached by a friend at my Jr. High in Atlanta, GA who was trying to put a band together. We wanted to go for a Linkin Park-ish sound, so I went out and got an Ion iCD04FX which is basically just a box with two cd decks and a wheel …

Showcase – FK:Dup

I’m a lot older than the going rate, and have a day job, so try to create tracks in my spare time, using Logic and Massive. I am very much a novice.

I have only been producing for about a year and have been using Massive for only a few months. I have an awful lot to learn. Each track is a progression from the previous one in terms of production knowledge and, I hope, in terms of production quality. I do this as an amateur because it is fun and I love it when people say nice things about my tracks. So far I have not been trolled too badly. Music is incredibly important in my life and it is great to be able to create music that some people at least seem to like.

1) Tell us a bit about …

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