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How To Make A Big Dubstep Snare In Massive

Learn how to make a big dubstep snare in Massive that can help punch through your mix without having to layer and mix a lot of samples.

The secrets of Velocity, Keytracking and Trigger Random in Massive: Part 2

We welcome Johnny back to continue this months’ featured series about velocity, keytracking and trigger random modulators in Massive.

Quick and Dirty Lead Synth in NI Massive

In this tutorial, YouTube user MassiveTutorials1 shows us how to create an NI Massive Dirty Lead Synth. This is a simple patch that packs a lot of punch!


The Power of Random in NI Massive

NI Massive’s Random feature is a powerful function that many people have no idea exists! In this tutorial, founder, Steve Foulds, provides a quick overview of how to use the Random feature in NI Massive to beef up your Massive sound designs!

Recreating Seven Lions’ Tyven Pluck

In this tutorial, we look at using NI Massive to recreate the pluck used by Seven Lions in his song Tyven!

Designing an NI Massive Lead Horn

This video tutorial shows how to create an NI Massive Lead Horn!

Designing an NI Massive Dutch House Lead

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create an NI Massive Dutch House Lead that is capable of cutting through any mix with grace and style!


Pulse – 50 Psytrance Presets For NI MASSIVE

Pulse is a collection of 50 Massive presets for Psytrance producers.

Ohmlab presents InMotion – Sequences & Textures For Massive

IN MOTION Vol. 1 Mini Pack is the first in a line of NI Massive preset collections that aim to push the envelope of what people heave come to expect from this amazing synth, in regards to sequenced patches. Exploring the opportunities of motion within sound design is a never-ending journey, and Massive is the perfect synth to carry us along the way.

TuneCraft Techno Essential: 50 NI Massive Presets (Techno, Progressive, Trance, Minimal, House), 67 MIDI files and 40 WAV Loops

This Tunecraft NI Massive Techno Presets – 50 Presets package covers the entire tech spectrum ranging from Techno, Progressive, Trance, Minimal, House and all other sub genres: If you’re into one of those, this is simply essential !

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