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4 ways to make NI Massive sound like a Moog

Learn how to make NI Massive sound like the iconic synths of Bob Moog!

How to make a Dubstep/Complextro Synth in NI Massive

Whether you are looking to learn how to make a killer blip or a scorching hot synth for that epic drop, this is a tutorial you do not want to pass over.

Houdini (Foster The People) Synth Tutorial for NI Massive

If you’ve been looking for a cool high pitched lead glide synth with a funky disco feel, then check out this NI Massive video tutorial on how to recreate the Houdini synth.


How To make a Dirty Dutch Lead Synth in NI Massive

This is a quick and easy to follow NI Massive video tutorial showing you how to make a Dirty Dutch lead synth with a very minimal amount of programming needed.

Simple House Chord Stab for NI Massive

One of the cornerstones of house music is the synth stab, and one of the more popular styles in recent years is most definitely the chord or layered variety.

Afrojack Dutch Synth Sound With NI Massive

How to create an an Afrojack dutch synth style sound with NI Massive.

Anodyne Tutorial: Using LFOs To Automate Basslines in NI Massive

One of the most popular automation techniques in NI Massive is to use LFOs to control changes in your sounds over time. Here’s how you do it!


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