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Learn How To Make A Simple Trance Saw In Massive

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works shows you how to make a simple Trance saw in Massive that is perfect for multiple genres of EDM!

Make A Thick Progressive Synth In Massive

Echo Sound Works shows you how to make a Massive Progressive Trance Lead. It’s a quick and simple sound to make!

Using Massive to Create a Trance Pluck

In this tutorial we look at creating a quick and easy Trance Pluck using NI Massive!


Creating an Eerie Trance Bell Lead using NI’s Massive

This video tutorial shows how to create an eerie NI Massive Trance Bell Lead in under 5 minutes!

Designing an NI Massive Trance Pluck

This informative video tutorial shows you how to create a great sounding NI Massive Trance Pluck in no time!

Making a Pitched NI Massive Trance Pluck Synth

This is an easy to follow tutorial sharing how to go about making a pitched NI Massive Trance pluck synth that’s easily customized.

Making a Thick NI Massive Trance Lead Synth

A quick and easy to follow video tutorial sharing how to design your own thick and dynamic NI Massive trance lead synth!


Designing a Modern NI Massive Trance Lead

This tutorial shows how to design a rather unique modern style Massive Trance lead, including an array of Macro controls, in just a matter of minutes!

Creating a Trance Swell Bass in NI Massive

A nice supporting bassline is really important in Trance music, and finding the right balance of tone, development and modulation is a very subtle art form.

Progressive Trance Bass Tutorial for NI Massive

Looking to learn how to make a sweet, warm and all around awesome progressive trance bass for your projects? Well look no further! This one is great, and it only takes a few minutes to make.

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