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Synth Creation From Scratch in NI Massive with OhmLab – Part 3 (of 10)

The Third in a 10 part series of tutorials by ΩhmLab using NI Massive exclusively to create every component of a complete song.

NI Massive Wobble Bass & Automation

Getting a nice wobble bass and properly automating it within NI Massive is actually pretty simple. Check out this helpful video tutorial to get yourself going.

NI Massive Performer – Advanced Bass Techniques

A truly great NI Massive tutorial lifting the veil on how to get some seriously cool sounds by using Performer automations on your bass sounds.


Tuto MAO : NI Massive White Noise DIDGUITARE

Learn how you can use the Noise oscillator in NI massive to create incredibly unique sounds, and you may learn a little French too!

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