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Dubstep SX For NI Massive Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 2 For NI Massive Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 3 For NI Massive Garage & Deep House Bundle THE ONE: Minimal Rhythms Dubstep and Trap Vol. 4


How The Waveform Modes (Spectrum, Bend+, Bend-/+ & Bend-) In Massive Affect The Sound

Learn how the wavetable modes (Spectrum, Bend +, Bend-/+ And Bend ā€“) in NI Massive affect your sound.

Understanding Wavetables in NI Massive

In part one of this month’s featured series, learn about wavetables in NI Massive and how you can use them to create the sounds you want to make.

The Power of Random in NI Massive

NI Massive’s Random feature is a powerful function that many people have no idea exists! In this tutorial, founder, Steve Foulds, provides a quick overview of how to use the Random feature in NI Massive to beef up your Massive sound designs!


Recreating Seven Lions’ Tyven Pluck

In this tutorial, we look at using NI Massive to recreate the pluck used by Seven Lions in his song Tyven!

How Wavetables Work in NI Massive

This tutorial answers some of the fundamental questions regarding Wavetables and their use in NI Massive!

Creating an NI Massive Hydraulic Dubstep Bass

This video shows you how to create a quick and great sounding NI Massive Hydraulic Dubstep Bass using all three oscillators and a couple of effects!

A Highly Detailed Overview of NI Massive

This video from Sound Designer Tom Stocks offers Professional insight into using the NI Massive Synthesizer!


Developing a Laser Bass using NI Massive

This video tutorial shows how to use NI Massive to create a thrilling Laser Bass that is well suited for a number of sound design applications!

Tips for Creating Unique EDM Leads Using NI Massive

In this video tutorial we look at a few tricks that will help you in creating your own Unique EDM Leads using NI Massive!

Recreating Beyonce’s Back to Black Bass using NI Massive

This tutorial shows you how to recreate Beyonce’s Back to Black Bass using Native Instruments’s Massive Synth!

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