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How to Make a Noisia Style Reese Bass in NI Massive

We have had a lot of requests lately for some Reese bass tutorials for NI Massive, and this one of a good look at how to create a Nosia style Reese for your projects!

Houdini (Foster The People) Synth Tutorial for NI Massive

If you’ve been looking for a cool high pitched lead glide synth with a funky disco feel, then check out this NI Massive video tutorial on how to recreate the Houdini synth.

How To make a Dirty Dutch Lead Synth in NI Massive

This is a quick and easy to follow NI Massive video tutorial showing you how to make a Dirty Dutch lead synth with a very minimal amount of programming needed.


How to Make a Stevie Wonder Moog Bass with NI Massive

We have another tutorial from producer Marcus James, who has quickly become one of my absolute favorite guys on the NI Massive video training scene! Stevie Wonder, enough said.

How to Make a Stabbing Synth Pad with NI Massive

This is another quick NI Massive video tutorial from one of our many MassiveSynth community members! It shows how he creates a simple stabbing pad instrument.

How to Make the Bass Synth From My Molly Bootleg in NI Massive

We welcome back Ryan Enzed with his latest NI Massive video tutorial, this time he shares how he created the bass synth for his track Molly Bootleg.

Simple LFO Space Delay in NI Massive

Often times it is the most simple of procedures that result in the coolest sounds, like this awesome simulated delay effect made possible by LFO modulation.


How to Make a Skrillex Screech Bass in NI Massive

This is a well done and easy to understand NI Massive video tutorial that shows you how to recreate one of the most popular Skrillex sounds using NI Massive.

Making a Low Guttural Wobble in NI Massive

From dubstep to grime, this nasty deep bass will be right at home taking your music to a lower level of filth and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

White Noise Build-Up in NI Massive

Build-up, riser, sweep, transition effect… call it what you will, adding a simple element like some white noise to your productions is a nice professional touch.

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