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Learn How to Create A Big Garage Bass in Massive

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If you have been loving then resurgence of Deep House music and want to learn how to make a big Garage bass in Massive here’s how!

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Pro Tip!

Try using the SmoothSquare Wavetable to help round out any Garage bass sound!

Deep House has made a comeback in the EDM world. Garage has blown up too. We’ve gotten a lot of tutorial requests on how to make sounds for these genres. In this video, Johnny shows you how to make a big Garage bass in Massive.

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Most Garage basses are made up of sine and square waveforms. Those are two good starting points if you are trying to make a Garage bass in Massive. Anytime I try making a Deep House or Garage bass in Massive I struggle with getting a big sound, but one that still is minimal and true to the genre. To get a big but subtle bass sound, using the Modulation Oscillator can be really helpful.

Applying a bit of Phase in the Modulation Oscillator can really help add a bit of character to a Garage Bass in Massive. It might sound weird and really too aggressive, but once you get your Cut Off filters set up, it will start to tame the sound.


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    Nice sound! Thanks

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