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Using the Bronze Oscillators to Create a Pad Synth in NI Massive

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By using only 2 oscillators both set to the Bronze waveform and modulating their Wavetable position using an LFO, we can create an evolving pad sound for all sorts of productions.

First you will set both Oscillator 1 and 2 to the Bronze waveform.  Adjusting both of their Wt-Positions to a little under the halfway point.  Adjust the pitch of Oscillator 1 to -12 semitones or 1 octave.  Now select Lowpass 4 as Filter 1 and lower the resonance all the way down.  Adjust the cutoff of filter 1 to roughly 3/4 of the way up.  Next we will select the Voicing tab and adjust the “Unisono” setting to 5, while leaving the “Max” setting at “16″.

To create movement and variation in the synth preset, we will modulate the cutoff of Filter 1 with LFO 6, and the Wavetable positions of Osc1 and Osc2 using LFO 5.  First open up the 6 LFO tab and adjust the waveform to a Triangle wave.  Center the waveform so that the triangle’s peak is in the center of the box, and be sure to adjust the XFade Curve slider all the way to the top.  Adjust the rate of 6 LFO to slightly below the halfway point.  Now we will map 6 LFO to the cutoff of filter one, adjusting the amount it’s modulating to about half of the parameter.

To finish off the preset we will select the 5 LFO tab and slide the XFade Curve slider all the way to the top.  Adjust the rate of 5 LFO to slightly below the halfway point, and then map 5 LFO to modulate the Wt-Position of both oscillator’s 1 and 2.  Adjust the amount of which 5 LFO is modulating the parameters to your liking, in this video we will allow it to modulate half the knob.

Last but not least, drop the AMP of Oscillator 2 down to slightly after the halfway point so that it is not overwhelming the volume of your preset.

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