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Browsing custom banks and patches in Native Instruments Massive

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How to load and browse custom banks, user patches and 3rd party banks without having to load them one by one in Native Instruments Massive.

A quick tutorial for Native Instruments Massive, I’ve been emailed this question a few times recently so i thought i would add this to the blog.

First up i would create a folder somewhere you want to keep all your purchased and custom patches you make yourself. Up to you where, but somewhere sensible so you wont delete it or remove it.

Then inside this folder I’d create a folder to house each of your custom banks and perhaps one you can save in your own patches.

Now in Massive…

Click on File > Options

Options Native Instruments Massive

Select “Browser”

Now hit “Add”

Navigate to the folder you just created and select it

Now, back in the option panel of Massive hit the “re build DB (database)” button

rebuild database native instruments massive

This will recompile all the patches in the browser and include all the patches contained in the folder you created above.

Once you have done this and closed the option window – if you click on browser up the top right of the synth and then click on the words “Sound” you can now select the folder you just created in the tree on the left of the synth.

synth native instruments massive

You should be able to select the different folders inside the folder you just created and all the contained patches are now in a list on the right.

browser native instruments massive

You can now use the arrow keys or the up and down buttons at the top to move through the patches!

select native instruments massive

  • anonymous

    Thanks for this tutorial :D

  • Tyler

    I've followed the steps twice now, but when i select to patch the title stays the same for example i select wobble but the patch still reads new sound at the top. As soon as i navigate back to the synth section for any manipulation the title changes to the selected custom synth but still sounds like the default patch. Any advice?

  • breakitdown

    What version of Massive are you using?

  • Kim Holm Pedersen

    I have tried to add purchased banks, following the steps as described above.
    I see the name of the banks in the folder i craetet but no sounds on the right?
    What am I doing wrong?
    I use Massive 1.3.0

  • Kim Holm Pedersen

    Problem solved…had to convert!

  • Alex g

    how do you convert?

  • Miguel

    I bought the Skrillex pack.
    I see the names of the sounds but the sounds doesn’t change. All of them sounds as the default patch.

    It’s the same problem as Tyler describes.
    My version of Massive is 1.0.1008
    Thanks in advance,

    • SteveF

      Hey = What version of Massive are you running?

  • Mike

    Is there any way to set up a midi keyboard (such as ny Axiom49 which I have running via USB to Ableton Live!) to scroll through the Massive presets?

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