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Using the Chorus effect to emulate the sound of a Bee Hive in NI Massive

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Massive is capable of tons of Foley-like synth sounds, this is one of many sounds.  By using the chorus FX you can carefully sculpt and recreate the sound of a bee’s nest or hive.

Starting off we will only need simple waveforms.  So for Oscillator 1 you will choose a Saw wave and adjust the pitch down roughly 1 octave or 12 semitones.  You may also detune this oscillator if you feel it would fit the sound we are creating more.  Next we will add the “Chorus” fx to FX2′s tab and adjust the Dry/Wet slight passed halfway, as with the Depth and the Offset.  We will then adjust the “Rate” parameter so that it just before 3/4 of the way up the dial.

Next we will add a Comb filter in for Filter 1 and adjust the “Damping” all the way up, while adjusting the “Feedback” parameter just passed the 1/4 mark of the dial.  We will then turn the “Pitch” parameter of the “Comb” filter all the way to the left.  We can then map the “Pitch” parameter to Macro 2 so that we have more control over the preset.

To finish the preset we will open up 5 LFO, adjust the XFade Curve parameter all the way to the top, and the “Rate” parameter almost the entire way to the right.  We will then map 6 LFO to the rate of 5 LFO but only allowing it to modulate a small amount of the rate.  We will then map 5 LFO to the pitch of oscillator 1, allowing it to modulate the pitch by roughly 1.24 semitones.  Next we will open up the 6 LFO tab, slide the XFade Curve slider to the top, and adjust the rate of the LFO to just below the halfway point of the dial.  We will then change the waveform of 6 LFO to a triangle wave (as shown in the video).  Follow along with the video to see any subtle adjustments that can be made to the preset to create more depth.

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