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Deadmau5 Dance Party Marathon! Day 4: Strobe Synth

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Welcome back to day four of the Deadmau5 Dance Party Marathon! Learn how to add a sweet strobe synth to your next project.

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Today we have YouTube user showing us how to quickly recreate the strobe synth Deadmau5 uses in Native Instruments’ Massive. Although he uses Logic Pro as hid DAW and also shows some of the plugins being used in the process, you will be able to achieve the same results using any program. This is such a simple, yet powerful synth and can be used in a very broad spectrum of music genres. Below you will find a few words from decoland and a link to a free preset download.

This is how to make one of the lead synth in deadmau5 strobe.
Deadmau5 originally used Dcam Synth Squads “Strobe” for this hence the name why his song is called that.

check out my soundcloud:
using similar settings you can achieve the exact same sound with sylenth1
Download link:



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