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Gated Pad Tutorial for NI Massive

Posted on 15th June, by Steve Foulds in Tutorials for Massive, Video. 1 Comment
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How to create a gated pad (pendulum style) using delay and the step modulation.

A well made gated pad is a wonderful tool to have in your own personal knowledge bank, and this video is able to show you how to achieve a great result quickly and easily. You can apply this technique to any kind of pad or evolving atmosphere you make in NI Massive and will help to bring your projects to life by adding more motion and development.

Special thanks to AXL for creating this tutorial.
For more info on AXL and to listen to some of his productions, visit his sound cloud.

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  • AXL

    Thanks to Steve to put this on his great blog!
    you can download the patch from my soundcloud

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