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How to Glide Notes in NI Massive

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Creating the perfect glide for your projects is essential. This tutorial will show you how to get it done in NI Massive!

My first simple tutorial on how to make your sounds and notes slide in Massive! The reason you will want to do this is so the notes are not as heavy sounding when they change. It also adds a more natural feel to the development to your songs, as well as create a more comfortable groove for the listener. NI Massive allows you to create just right amount of glide for your sounds whether you are looking to add the most subtle of effects or to get really crazy and go for something more experimental. The more you develop your song production skills within Massive, the more important these little touches will be come to you. I hope this helps.


    wow! very helpful

  • efrain

    as I can see the video? please !!!

  • WoW, such useful >:(

    why is the video private?

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